Music Ambassador Program

Our Music Ambassador program was created to showcase how the music industry can creatively support Youth on Record. 

Our 4 levels of ambassadors show how Youth on Record thrives with the involvement and support of professional working artists, musicians, promoters, and venues, both locally and nationally.  

Do you care about music education and providing access to our young people? Music probably impacted you as a young person in powerful way. Help us continue to reach more youth each year with your support. Join Youth on Record and become a Music Ambassador! Your contribution will continue to fuel our programs while building a strong foundation of financial support from the music community.

Big Gigantic
Big Gigantic / Multi-Platinum Ambassador
Music Ambassadors

Our ambassadors contribute to Youth on Record in a vital way. They not only help spread the word about our mission and the work we are doing, but they are financially supporting us through their time and talent.

Contributing Artist Flyer
The Wooks
Twenty One Pilots