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Brent Adams

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Brent Adams, is an educator, mentor, community organizer, and language artist from Denver, Colorado. He teaches gender-violence prevention education to high school students and a healthy masculinity curriculum to adolescent football players. He also owns and operates a therapeutic sound recording studio, working as a mentor to liberate youth on probation.

Brent is a founding member of the Cross Community Coalition which works to serve community members and defend against gentrification and forced displacement in the Denver neighborhood of Elyria/Swansea where he lives. He also participates in political discourse in writing a political education blog and producing/performing politically conscious hip-hop music, which he sometimes refers to as rap-poetry.

The purpose of Brent's blog and music is to engage folks in political conversation through which we can look critically and reflectively at political policy and rhetoric within a historical context.

His hope is that through understanding our subject positions within a national and global system of power and violence we can work to develop our collective political consciousness and agency. From there, we will be able to work together toward justice, dignity, and freedom from oppression for all people. Brent's discussions include, but are not limited to, implications of race, social class, gender, sexuality, ability, and nationhood.

He holds bachelor's degrees in both Political Science and Ethnic Studies, and is working to complete a Master's degree in Ethnic Studies. His own subject position is that of a straight, white, working-class, cisgendered man within the United States

Email: Brent@YouthonRecord.orgĀ