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Diego Florez

Diego Florez is a Poet, Artist, and musician. Born and Raised in North Denver. He was a part of Minor Disturbance, a youth poetry group. Minor Disturbance has won championships at Brave New Voices 3 times. He was also a recipient of the Real Rock Star Award 2015.

For the last 3 years Diego has been the community director/MC of events, for a grassroots community organization called Free Music For Free people. Free music for free people has hosted 300+ free shows with and for young musicians that know positive vibrations and action can make a global impact.   Diego has been featured in Westword Magazine,, NPR, and has had poetry published in New Zealand.

Diego is the bassist (bajista) of the band “Los Mocochetes”. He is 20 years old. Diego says “ You know i just wanna play music, figure some new ways to do things and give them to our next generation, like my elders did for me.”